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You can make a difference in Calgary Ward 2 today by supporting Kim Tyers and her team. Thank you for considering joining us in our movement to bring fiscal responsibility back to City Hall.

Donations are greatly appreciated and they help pay for literature, signs, and supporting our volunteers. Any amount helps!

Important Information on Donating:

Please note that every donation over $50.00 will be recorded for Elections Calgary and an Alberta address, and contact information is required. The maximum anyone can donate to a candidate is $5000.00. No corporations, or unions can donate money. No political action groups may finance a candidate.

Image by Toni  Reed

Use this tool to create an image to share on social media. It will produce an image of Kim Tyers, a message about why you support Kim, all on a relevant background. Limited time offer!

Join the team! 

There are many ways to show your support for Kim in Ward 2, from door knocking with Kim to introducing Kim to your networks. Let us know how you can help:

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