Statement on Calgary Snow Removal
Thu Apr 08 2021 13:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Calgary, AB - Kim Tyers, Ward 2 City Council Candidate released the following statement regarding her work on the snow removal issue in Calgary.

“While door knocking and speaking with the community, it became apparent that a major concern with Ward 2 residents is snow removal service for neighbourhood streets. We are hearing of large snow windrows blocking roads and driveways and some streets that are unable to even receive any service because the equipment will not fit. I have also heard that many neighbourhood streets go months without being plowed, leaving some residents essentially marooned. In most severe cases, homecare providers were not able to access homes and provide much needed health care service.

“This is ridiculous and the residents of Ward 2 deserve better. Snow removal and roads are essential services in our city and our taxes should cover this very basic service.

“Not only is it vital that we address this issue because it is an essential service, but if we can solve this problem, we could see a significant reduction in car collisions, police call-outs and ice related slip and fall injuries. Ensuring proper snow removal in our communities will also allow better accessibility to communities and keep traffic flowing instead of expecting to get caught in snow drifts on unplowed roads.

“The city needs a better plan. Clearly our heavy reliance on chinooks to melt the snow is not working, especially during unexpected snowstorms. We need solutions to this problem.

“I asked the communities of Ward 2 what ways they would like to see this problem addressed. I surveyed over 100 Calgarians both in-person and online to hear their opinions about how to deal with the snow removal problem facing their communities.

“I provided three solutions to explore, and also accepted ideas not mentioned there. The options I provided include:

“1. Hire private contractors to remove the snow from neighbourhood streets.
2. Introduce a city-wide parking ban to increase efficiency of snow removal.
3. Build a new snow storage facility as reports show we are at capacity for our current snow storage.

“I want to thank Calgarians for participating in this survey and helping inform policy. An overwhelming majority of 64% of respondents want the City to look into private contractors to remove the snow from neighbouring streets, 15% of respondents said to introduce a city-wide parking ban, 14% of people surveyed brought forward other suggestions and 7% chose to build a new snow storage facility.

“I would like to follow Calgarians lead in exploring the idea of private contractors. This option helps support local businesses and creates employment for the community. Utilizing private contractors can help the City save money by using equipment that is already in use. I believe this option could lead to better and more efficient snow removal for neighbourhood streets. A few City Councillors have been discussing this idea, and I would certainly like to explore it more on the behalf of Ward 2 residents.

“The city-wide parking ban is also something I would like to look more into as it appears it could be effective with little cost associated, most likely to do with changing existing signage and communication efforts. Neighbours in Edmonton have implemented this, and I am watching to see how it improves their snow removal services.

“Volunteers in our communities are always looking for opportunities to help their neighbours. We could possibly look into a tax credit for those who help with snow removal on neighbourhood streets. I am interested in further exploring, engaging, and empowering volunteers in our snow removal efforts for the neighbourhood streets.

“As everyone knows, actions speak louder than words. That is why as your new City Councillor, I will push for a cost benefit analysis of using private contractors to remove snow from residential streets. I will take action to do a cost benefit analysis of implementing a city-wide parking ban after a certain amount of snowfall. I will look into liability and implementation analysis on using volunteer services to remove snow from residential streets. I will explore a tax credit for volunteer snow removal services.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the snow removal survey and let their voice be heard. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in my virtual town hall. I look forward to continuing to hear from the community on this issue and others as our campaign for increased accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility at City Hall continues.”

For more information:

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