Statement on the Guidebook for Great Communities
Tue Mar 23 2021 13:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Calgary, AB - Kim Tyers, Ward 2 City Council Candidate issued the following statement regarding The Guidebook for Great Communities.

“The City of Calgary has been debating and listening to public submissions on The Guidebook for Great Communities for the last couple of days. The Guidebook can be found here for anyone who has time to spare to a 130+ page policy city planning document.


“It is clear that the people of Calgary are not happy with this document.

“If the current City Council would take the time to listen to the concerns of these Calgarians they would find that the vast majority of community members are requesting a comprehensive review of the guidebook to address a number of concerns. Many individuals including representatives from Community Associations across the city are also requesting to add important amendments. According to city administration, this has been 10 years in the making. If that is true, this is yet another example of City Hall mismanagement and the inability to get anything done.

“The guidebook is rife with new jargon to make a complex planning document that is legally binding even more complex and confusing. It appears that our own Council is confused about the definitions and plans this will bring about as shown on social media. Some discussions have even led to obtaining legal counsel to sort out one single definition.

“Given the impact this guidebook will have on our communities I believe the debate should be pushed until after the election. There should be extra time given to the councillors to really get a handle on the complexities and the effects on their individual communities before they even start debating it. It is clear much more work needs to be done on this.

“Councillors need to be accountable to their constituents, and really listen to the grassroots voices of their communities. Residents of Calgary and Community Associations clearly have concerns, especially about gaps in community consultation before moving forward.

“As your City Councillor, instead of name calling, virtue signalling, and labelling residents as misinformants, I will listen and bring those concerns forward. I will make sure that I am fully informed in the creation of important planning documents for our city. I will bring trust back to City Hall decision making through transparency and clarity in the process in which these plans are developed. As your new City Councillor for Ward 2, I will bring forward residents' concerns and questions for feedback to the council to investigate further.

“How about we let Calgarians decide what changes they want to see in their communities.”

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Kim Tyers for Ward 2 City Councillor Campaign