Statement on the Ward 2 City Council Expense Audit Follow Up
Tue Oct 13 2020 13:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Calgary, AB - Kim Tyers, Ward 2 City Council Candidate released the following statement regarding the City Council Expense Audit Follow Up.

“Today, the City of Calgary Priorities and Finance Committee discussed Ward 2 City Councillor Joe Magliocca’s ineligible airfare upgrades and hosting expenses related to Federation of Canadian Municipalities event attendance.

The report is found here: 


“The focus of the report was on whether or not the Councillor violated the flight travel policy that states “Economy fair is normal, unless available.” Committee pulled the average airfares of other FCM event attendees and compared them with Councillor Magliocca’s expenses. They found a variance of $3294.25 and council voted unanimously to have the councillor from Ward 2 pay back these additional ineligible airfare expenses. 

“City Council Policy also states that in claiming hosting expenses, the Councillor is required to provide the names of the hosting attendees. On 11 separate occasions, the attendee names provided were not in attendance. There are additional attendees that have yet to respond to the auditor’s request regarding their attendance. City Council voted to follow up with additional attendees to find out whether or not they were in attendance at these events. This could result in more ineligible expenses unearthed.

“We have had another meeting on this issue, and we still have silence from the Ward 2 Councillor. Also, this Councillor has yet to comply with the sanctions placed upon him by City Council. The Committee confirmed that there has been no reply or action since submitting their sanction requests to this Councillor. To review, the sanctions were to write a public letter of apology, attend City Councillor expense training, and be banned from air travel for City Council purposes. 

“The more we learn about this Councillor’s lack of respect for his position as a steward of the public purse, the more it becomes apparent that he needs to resign from his position as City Councillor. City Council has had to spend numerous hours and resources on this issue. It is the taxpayer that is on the hook for this during a very vulnerable time. 

“I will continue to stand up for Ward 2 and its residents. I will continue to ask for the Ward 2 City Councillor to do the right thing and resign. If elected, I will bring effective, accessible and accountable representation on behalf of the residents of Ward 2.” 

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Kim Tyers for Ward 2 City Councillor Campaign