Ward 2 Deserves Better!
Mon Oct 05 2020 13:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Calgary, AB - Kim Tyers, Municipal City Council Candidate for Ward 2 issued the following statement regarding the lack of representation in Ward 2.

“We are facing unprecedented times. This pandemic has had a sweeping impact on Calgary, causing us to have the highest unemployment rate of any major city in Canada. Many families within our communities have been deeply impacted, facing unexpected job loss or a significant reduction in income. Even prior to the pandemic, Calgarians were struggling as our province was strapped with an economic crisis.

“It is during these times that constituents look to their locally elected leaders for guidance and reassurance that they have placed their trust in the right people.

“However, Ward 2 constituents would be hard pressed to find any reassurance at this time. Our current Councillor is entangled in a controversy about how and with whom he spent the hard earned money of taxpayers rather than creating meaningful policy to assist us in our time of need. A City Council forensic audit report on Councillor Joe Magliocca’s expenses found an alarming amount of alleged misuse of taxpayers dollars. Now, you, the hardworking taxpayer is expected to to foot the bill of the $64,0000 audit investigation. City Council has asked him to make a public apology, undergo finance training, and are not allowing him to travel for business purposes. But this does not go far enough. His actions are inexcusable. Ward 2, we deserve better. Ward 2 constituents are lacking the municipal representation to which they deserve and need now. Our Councillor is staying silent. He has had plenty of time to address the public about these allegations, yet he chooses to stay silent and as a consequence our voice for Ward 2 remains silent. This Councillor, entangled in a tax dollars spending controversy is prevented from representing us to the fullest extent of his abilities.

“Today, I am calling for Councillor Joe Magliocca of Ward 2 to resign. He is no longer fit for office. His self-interest and silence on the controversy are not acceptable. He has not resigned, he has not apologized publicly to his constituents, and he has not done right by Calgarians. If he continues this charade until the next election, I look forward to running against him.

“I will regain trust with the taxpayers. I will serve my community with transparency and be accountable to all. I will stand up for the residents of my Ward, Ward 2, and finally give us the representation that we deserve. I have always understood the importance of strong fiscal responsibility, and I will bring these values to the City Council table. I will be a better steward of the public purse. I have experience advocating for constituents at multiple levels of government and intend to bring that experience to the municipal level. I will bring a more diverse, youthful and fresh representation on City Council. I look forward to rolling out my platform, and discussing my ideas with constituents and stakeholders. But for now, Ward 2, I have your back and I am fighting for the wrongs to be righted. With your support, I will be the new, better, stronger and accountable voice of Ward 2.”

For more information:

Kim Tyers for Ward 2 City Councillor Campaign